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Sorry we do not except calls from unverified members. Only verified persons will be given our private number. If you are a verified member, please request our number via email.

Signing up does not automatically grant you access and membership to MPP. Once you have signed up you need to visit the reservations page fill out the required information to become verified. If you cannot verify or do not want to verify please visit us and sign up when you are ready and or able to verify. 

Thank you for choosing My Platinum Provider, you must be a person with a high demand for the best. You prefer quality over quantity, you understand that you get what you pay for and with lower rate encounters higher risks accompany. Rest assured we deliver nothing short of extraordinary. with a wide variety of beautiful ladies that posses a rare combination of beauty, intelligence, sensuality and class, your demands will be fulfilled.

Sharing Your Information:
We realize that sharing certain information can be uncomfortable as well as concerning. Please know that your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. Our only goal is to ensure that our entertainers are in safe hands and we certainly hope you can understand that. Your information is never sold, rented shared nor used for any other purpose than for your appointment and that is a promise!.

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Please provide a minimum of two previous references of independent upscalre companions you have seen in the past 2 years. Please include names, email addresses and website.

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