Frequently Asked Questions

We kindly recommend you to read my etiquette guidelines below in order to clarify any question regarding encounters with a My Platinum Provider Entertainer.

  1. My Platinum Provider caters exclusively to upscale gentlemen, who are generous, well mannered, respectful and who possess impeccable hygiene.
  2. Please place your donation in clear sight within the first few minutes of our meeting. If you wish to extend our time, please suggest this in the beginning of the encounter and, as gentleman, take care of the additional time.
  3. The only accepted method of donation is cash, credit and Pay Pal. We highly encourage you to provide your donation with credit or Having large somes of money on your person is not the safest method in today market. Gifts and or tips are never mandatory or expected, but always appreciated. There is never hidden fees. If you wish to surprise the entertainers, they will love anything you give me with love & excitement.
  4. If you are inquiring a luxury Incall appointment, please be on time. If you are more than 20 minutes late, there is a possibility that you will not able to stay the full time. Please call if it looks to be your case and we will let you know if I am available for the full time, or for reschedule.
  5. If you are inquiring my Outcall service, it’s available exclusively for selective residences and hotels.
  6. My Platinum Provider does require a minimum of 12 hour notice to book first time appointments. Those who that have already met with a entertainer before, may request same day appointments via phone. We prefer bookings to start from 60 minutes, but I can also appreciate the 30 minute appointment as well.
  7. Appointment via phone: The most important is a good attitude. Please don’t contact us unless you have one. We do not like rude or demanding people. Your call sets the tone right away and can easily help us decide if you are compatible with one of our entertainers.
  8. If you ever need to cancel your time together, please be respectful and give us as much notice as possible.
  9. Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance for us. If you reach the voicemail feel free to leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible, Contact via e-mail is always welcomed and encouraged.
  10. Please never discuss money or services during conversation either in person, e-mail or on the phone. Safety it’s out highest priority. If you have questions about services, please be respectful and discreet.. If you try to engage unsafe conversation the entertainer will have leave or ask you to leave immediately.
  11. Rates are negotiable on occasion. It is truly up to the provider and your requests. The rates merely reflect the quality of what you will receive on your appointment.
  12. Booking form policy: I am very professional and discreet with the information that you will give me. My booking page it’s adapted with an secure online form and we definitely will not keep your personal information after screening you.
  13. Please be assured that all the pictures are genuine and are frequently updating the galleries. Some girls prefer to blur their face for two reasons: To preserve privacy and because nobody else needs to know from where you met.
  14. The entertainer are independent providers that choose to use My Platinum Provider as a management source. The ladies have busy lives and prefer to have a management company book their times as well as verify your identity. You can not ask to see them out side of booking through My Platinum Provider, if you do so you will be asked to leave and will not be invited to meet our other entertainers.
  15. You may be asked to provide a hold deposit for one of our more popular entertainers. Your deposit will be deducted from the total cost. If you choose to pay via secure online credit card, you will be asked to sign a credit card slip once meeting your chosen entertainer.

Thank you so much for understanding, we look forward to making your Dreams come True!

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